Kelly Clarkson En Concierto

Last night Kelly Clarkson rocked the house in Costa Mesa, CA at the Orange County Fair. Clarkson, who is known for being our first (and most successful) American Idol showed that she may be labeled a Pop Star but she is more of a rocker chick inside. Most of the songs had a rock style to them and some had awesome arrangements that involved the DJ that was mixing in the background. “Never Again” was one of those awesome arrangements that gave the song the remix feel. She rearranged “Behind These Hazel Eyes” and did an acoustic version which was interesting but this song deserves the hard guitar and bangin drums. She did a well balance of hits, “Ms. Independent”, “Walk Away” and “Breakaway”. She played the new stuff, and thankfully most of the new stuff is great such as, “If I Can’t Have You”, “I Want You”, and “All I Ever Wanted”. Her signature hit “Since You’ve Been Gone” made the whole venue jump up and down with Kelly and she did a cover of Janet Jackson’s “If” minus Ms. J’s famous dance setps, which blended well with the rest of the set list.  After only 1 hour and 10 mins. she ended the concert with one of my favorites and her “comeback” hit “My Life Would Suck Without You”.  Throughout the concert Kelly seemed very laid back and joked with the audience. She might not have brought the pyrotechnics, the dancers, or the diva behavior but she brought the voice and the hits that made this concert a fun and not too expensive (at $45 per tix) experience.

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~ by spanglishpop on July 24, 2009.

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