Pre-Order Shakira's New Album

The video has been officially released, go to Shakira’s website at www.shakira.com to see the full version. I’m as confused with the video as I am with the song…There are parts of the video I like-the choreography,the club scene and the cage scenes… there are parts I’m not too sure about like the cave scene in the beginning or rooftop scene towards the end. What I can say is the video is full of sexuality, a lot of it.  I’ve never seen Shakira move this way before, shaping herself in such teasing positions. I’ve also never seen her showing so much skin like that before, leotards and a body suit that shows lots of skin, including half of her ass. La colombiana is moving in a direction her fans are not used to with electronic pop wrapped up in a lot of sexuality. In the behind the scenes special on MTV, Shakira explains she wanted to do something “out” there, something no one has seen her do. The choreography is taken from underground dance clubs and from european clubs. The choreography in the cage scenes is suppose to express the primitive side of Shaki and it sometimes may come off as too sexual. Maybe it’s an artistic phase she is going through and needs to express, hopefully it doesn’t backfire. To me, she has always been able to balance her talent with enough sexuality that she is known both for her music and for her looks. During Laundry Service she wore tight ass pants and shook her ass like there was no tomorrow. For the hot ass video for “La Tortura”  she playfully flirted with Alejandro Sanz while moving her hips to reggaeton. In the “She Wolf/Loba” video she might have gone over the top but she has always made smart and strategic moves with her career so this may just a small part of what is to come with the launch of her new cd in October. Gonna have to wait and see.


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~ by spanglishpop on July 31, 2009.

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