JUSTIN BIEBER Encounter…Well, Almost

Working in Studio City has its perks when it comes to celebrity sightings. I’ve seen Britney during her crazy phase stopping by Jerry’s Famous Deli and being bombarded by the Paparazzi. I’ve seen Lindsay Lohan grubbing some CPK with her then girl Sam. I’ve seen Steve Carell going in for a haircut, plus Allison Janney, Dakota Fanning, Ray Romano, Tim Allen, Teri Hatcher, James Marsden, Roselyn Sanchez, that guy from Desperate Housewives, that lady from that movie, and countless other C and D list celebrities. Today’s sighting tops them all. I got up close to the Biebs, well as close as you can possibly get at a busy intersection, while both of our windows were up. The moment lasted maybe 20 seconds and luckily I was able to snap a shitty pic out of the experience. As he turned away, the cops turned their lights on and pulled him over, which sent me into stalker mode and I busted a U-Turn to check the gossip out. I tried to take more pics of Justin talking to the cop but had no luck, probably because my eyes were focused on the road and my hands were occupied with the steering wheel. At least, I was able to get a full shot of his Batmobile and it is a pretty sweet ride. Say what you want but if you were 17 and had a ton of money, wouldn’t you customize a bomb ass car to your liking? TMZ has posted the story, ummm 2hours later I must say, so I tweeted them my pic and maybe I’ll get a few more hits up on this website. You never know. So check out my half-ass paparazzi pics of my Justin experience this afternoon.

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~ by spanglishpop on December 14, 2011.

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