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TBT: Cuando Maná Era Un Grupo De Rock

Posted: November 12, 2015 in TBT

Recuerdan cuando Maná era la mejor banda de Rock del mundo? Si claro, ellos siguen cosechando exitos, pero cuando fue la ultima cancion de rock exitosa de ellos? Ya van mas de 15 años que solo nos dan baladas, boleros, o mas recientemente una chingadera electronica. Mejor hay que recordar el Maná de antes.

Shakira was already a household name when she released “La Tortura” ten years ago. It was the first single for her Spanish album Fijacion Oral Vol. I and it instantly became a huge hit in Spanish and English media formats. In the Spanish Billboard charts, it set a record by staying at #1 for 25 consecutive weeks and became the biggest Spanish single of 2005. Interestingly enough, the single reached #23 on the English charts and had regular airplay on popular English radio stations. The video earned several MTV Video Music Awards nominations and Shakira with Alejandro Sanz were invited to perform. This was the first Spanish performance made on the VMAs. After the success of this single, Shakira continued to make more hits but it is important to acknowledge the language and cultural lines “La Tortura” surpassed to become one of the biggest singles of 2005. For this, I chose it as my TBT blog. Enjoy the video below and also I included my personal video from Shakira‘s last concert in LA exactly five years ago on October 23, 2010.